Parking Sensors

Fiat 500 parking sensors

Parking Sensors – What are they?

Parking sensors fitted to your vehicle will detect obstacles both behind and in front allowing the driver to judge distance more accurately whilst parking or reversing, this in turn will enable you to park in the tightest spaces without the fear of damaging your vehicle, I recommend you hire the skills of electrician.

parking with rear parking sensors fitted

Fitting rear parking sensors makes parking easier

Parking Sensors – How do they work?

Using ultrasonic technology parking sensors installed in the rear and front bumper of the vehicle emit a wave of high pitch sound inaudible to the human ear, these sound waves are reflected off objects behind the car and back to the parking sensors fitted in the front and rear bumper.  The time it takes for the parking sensors to send and receive their signal equates to the distance to the object behind.

How much do they cost?

What ever your budget we have a parking sensor solution for your vehicle.  All our parking sensor systems are covered by a minimum of 12 months warranty and are installed to the highest standards.  We do not supply cheap Chinese kits found on eBay, all of our systems are designed for the professional market, no gimmicks. fully serviceable, reliable. If you want other affordable accessories, then consider getting a car stereo installation

Rear parking sensor head

Slim parking sensor design

Our entry level system comprises of 4 discreet 20mm sensors mounted in either the front and or rear bumper and are fully paintable to match the vehicles colour.  Can be installed on all types of vehicles including: motorhomes, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.  Prices from £119 supplied and fitted.

Cobra R0194 rear parking sensors

Superior build quality with 3 year warranty

For customers wanting superior build quality and accuracy then a parking sensor kit from leading manufacturers SteelMate or Cobra will provide years of accurate service and come with a 3 year warranty. With 22mm diameter sensors for bumper installation. A model trusted by many vehicle manufacturers who fit them as standard equipment.

Sensors can be painted to match the colour of your vehicle enabling you to benefit from the system’s practicality without compromising on style. Can be installed on all types of vehicles including: motorhomes, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.  Prices from £169 supplied and fitted.

OE style Cobra flush mount parking sensor

OEM Flush mount parking sensor

For the ultimate fit  and finish then there are options from Cobra and SteelMate, these parking sensor systems comprise of 4  flush mount sensors.  The sensor housing is adaptable for bumper thickness from 2mm to 4mm to enable perfect flush mount alignment. The first of its kind, with a patent pending.  This system fits from behind the bumper providing a truly OEM finish as seen on VW, BMW, Skoda and Audi vehicles. Prices from £250 supplied and fitted.

Installation Examples Of Our Parking Sensors Fitted

If you would like to have your vehicle fitted with either front or rear parking sensors then please contact or call 07815 747360.